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Bringing Sociology to the Business World — and Beyond

Lindsay Guzowski (M.A. ’04)

Lindsay Guzowski (M.A. ’04)

Lindsay Guzowski (M.A. ’04) learned early on in her graduate program at UNC that she enjoyed applying thought processes and research methods from sociology to real-world economic problems and businesses.

Later, while working toward her MBA, she interned at a private equity fund. One of the reasons her employers were interested in her was because of her sociology background — she could analyze businesses from a different perspective.

Now she wants to provide opportunities for graduate students in sociology who are pursuing careers outside of academia. She established the Lindsay Hirschfeld Guzowski Graduate Student Excellence Fund to support others who are following a similar path.

“I discovered through grad school that there were ways to apply what I was learning to a path that would be more inspiring for me,” Guzowski said. “I wanted to ensure that if other students had that desire that they could pursue it.”

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