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Southern Voices, Future Leaders

February 27, 2023

“Undergraduate students are walking onto our campus with a voice, with ideas, with a set of commitments to their communities,” said Elizabeth Engelhardt. “During the time that they’re here, our job is to help them focus their voice to become that future leader in the South.”

Institute for Convergent Science. Ready. Set. Go.

February 20, 2023

The Edwards Family Fund for Excellence in Convergent Science was created by Rob ’89 and his wife, Leigh Edwards ’90, to help provide valuable startup resources for the Institute for Convergent Science. This funding helps to move ideas from basic research into transformative applications for society.

Fostering a Global Mindset

February 20, 2023

“Carolina is a microcosm of the world, and it is important for students to seek out and access as many different backgrounds and cultures as they can,” Michael-Bryant Hicks ’96 said. “I want to take away any number of fears that may prevent a student — who grew up like me — from studying abroad.”

A Healthy Culture of Discourse

February 20, 2023

The UNC Program for Public Discourse supports a culture of debate and deliberation through curricular and extracurricular programs, enabling Carolina students to be better citizens, leaders and stewards of our democracy. A signature feature of the program is the popular Abbey Speaker Series.

Building a Bridge to Success at Carolina

February 15, 2023

Summer Bridge is a six-week transition program that is designed to ease participants’ personal and academic transition from high school to Carolina. The program is open to all admitted incoming first-year students from North Carolina.

Paying It Forward

February 9, 2023

“We believe strongly that all college students, no matter their background, should have every resource available to ensure their ultimate success,” said Alex Yong ’90

Preparing the Future Scientists of Tomorrow

February 2, 2023

“A lot of students of color and minorities in STEM can slip through the cracks,” Paloma Ruiz ’22 said. “More than anything, I think the Chancellor’s Science Scholars shows students like me that we belong in science, and we deserve to be here.”

A Plan and a Partnership

December 12, 2022

John and Marree Townsend’s commitments to UNC-Chapel Hill over the years have been both plentiful and purposeful — and none more so than their gift to the College of Arts and Sciences to establish the Townsend Family Strategic Initiatives Fund.