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The Arts and Sciences Foundation Board of Directors

The Arts and Sciences Foundation at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill exists to raise philanthropic support for the highest development priorities of the College of Arts and Sciences.  Under the leadership and governance of its Board of Directors, and with support from alumni and friends of the College, the Foundation works to grow and steward the College’s endowment.  Directors serve as ambassadors, provide counsel and support the College philanthropically.

The Arts and Sciences Foundation is grateful to the many directors during the Campaign for Carolina (July 1, 2014 – December 31, 2022) who help us achieve our mission and who worked alongside us to surpass the College’s goal in the campaign.

Current Officers and Executive Committee Members
Thomas C. Chubb III ’86, Chair
Ashley E. Reid ’93, Vice Chair
William T. Hobbs II ’85, Past Chair
James W.C. White, President
Anne H.C. Collins, Executive Director and Secretary
Elizabeth S. Engelhardt, Vice President
Elizabeth D. Bakanic, Treasurer
Alexander D. McLean ’92, Finance and Audit Committees Chair
John A. Powell ’77, Campaign for Carolina and Development and Communications Committee Chair
James L. Tanner Jr. ’90, Nominating Committee Chair

Former Officers
R. Duke Buchan ’85, Vice Chair
Sunny H. Burrows ’84, Chair
J. Christopher Clemens, Vice President
G. Munroe Cobey ’74, Chair, Vice Chair
Vicki U. Craver ’92, Chair, Vice Chair
Karen M. Gil, President
Kevin M. Guskiewicz, President
Jonathan Hartlyn, Vice President
William T. Hobbs II ’85, Chair, Vice Chair
M. Steven Langman ’83, Vice Chair
Robert J. Parker, Executive Director and Secretary
Terry E. Rhodes ’78, President

Directors During the Campaign
Amy B. Barry ’91
Douglas B. Biggs ’00
Eileen P. Brumback ’82
Bruce W. Carney
Courtney M. Cavatoni ’93
Touré S. Claiborne ’94
Dorothea J. Clark ’97
Mark P. Clein ’81
Ann R. Cowan ’75
Andrew J. Cowin
Rose C. Crawford ’86
Laura B. Cronin ’76
William R. Cumpston ’83
Eva S. Davis ’85
Joseph W. Dorn ’70
Robert L. Edwards ’89
P. Geoff Feiss
Luke E. Fichthorn IV ’92
Druscilla French ’71 (M.A. ’78)

Jacob H. Froelich III ’81 (MBA ’84)
Cosby W. George ’83
John C. Glover ’85
Henry H. Hamilton III ’81
Rita R. Hanes ’89
Lisa G. Huffines ’89
Lorraine D. Huschle ’90
Heavenly D. Johnson ’05
Joseph M. Kampf ’66
Steven H. Kapp ’81 (MBA ’90)
Daniel J. Kelly ’87
David M. Knott Jr. ’08
Stacie R. Lissette ’89
Leon O. Livingston ’91
Wendell A. McCain ’92
Molly G. Mears ’84
Grace Mercer Schott ’86
Aurelia S. Monk ’85
John T. Moore III ’88
Pamela D. Parker ’90
Blake L. Pike ’93
Andrea Ponti ’85
Edwin A. Poston ’89
William M. Ragland Jr. ’82
R. Alex Rankin ’77
Jennifer S. Rich
Catherine C. Rollins ’84
David S. Routh ’82
Linda C. Sewell ’69
Jason K. Shroff ’02 (J.D. ’06)
James L. Sigman ’85
Ken G. Smith ’84
Tready A. Smith ’92
Sterling A. Spainhour Jr. ’90
Karen L. Stevenson ’79
Thomas E. Story III ’76
Benjamin J. Sullivan Jr. ’75
Patricia R. Thompson ’66
Marree S. Townsend ’77
Thomas M. Uhlman (M.S. ’71, Ph.D. ’75)
James A. Wellons ’86
Elijah White ’84
J. Spence Whitman ’90
Cecil W. Wooten III (M.A. ’68, Ph.D. ’72)
Alexander N. Yong ’90