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Supporting Graduate Students in the Humanities, Fine Arts and Social Sciences

Giovanny Rincon

Giovanny Rincon

In 2021, Giovanny Rincon received funding from the Stephens Family Fund for Graduate Student Excellence in the Humanities, Fine Arts and Social Sciences to purchase a new laptop, statistics software and books to work on his Ph.D. in public policy at Carolina. Rincon came to UNC with his wife and daughter — after extensive work contributing to peace processes in Colombia for 17 years — to delve into improving human rights protection in societies transitioning from internal war to post-conflict scenarios.

“I hope to gain a greater understanding of the global challenges impacting peace-building which will further my career endeavors,” said Rincon. “I am strongly motivated to understand the new kinds of conflicts taking place in this globalized world. Protection of civilians during conflicts has long been the focus of my work, and I will continue working on this. My studies focus on two important issues: analysis of conflict prevention in transitional societies and new methods in peace negotiations to prevent the repetition of violence during transitional periods towards peace.”

“I am very grateful to the Stephens Family Fund for supporting me not only in the fulfillment of my professional and personal goals but in allowing me to prepare academically and professionally to contribute to the mitigation of 21st-century intra- or inter-state armed conflicts.”

C. Austin Stephens ’97 and his wife, Stephanie, created the Stephens Family Fund. Austin served as a Campaign for Carolina Closing Phase Co-Chair. Established in 2016, this fund has supported 14 graduate students in the departments of anthropology, dramatic art, English and comparative literature, history, public policy and religious studies.

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